The report in PDF is divided into 9 sections:

Traffic indicators:

• Container traffic
• Passenger traffic
• Automobile traffic
• Short sea shipping
• Vessel traffic
• Goods traffic
• Traffic by origin and destination
• Railway traffic

Criteria to interpret the information:

- The information is collected 12 months a year and is compared to the same period for the previous year.
- The data for supplies and fishing included in the first section is not included in the goods traffic in the rest of the report.
- Goods in transit and tares are included in the goods traffic data, except in table on page 4 of this report. Goods are classified on this page by types and the goods in transit are included in the total goods where as tares are dealt with independently.
- The units of measurement are: tonnes when dealing with goods, TEU (Twenty Equivalent Unit / 20 ft. container) when dealing with containers; UTIs in case of Short Sea Shipping -everyone through unitization, self-propelled or not, used directily or indirectly, as a means of transport (eg trailers, decks, trucks, refrigerated vans...) - and not consider included containers; and units when dealing with passengers, calls and automobiles.