Cultural heritage

The Department of Cultural Heritage has the task of conserving and disseminating the historical, cultural and artistic legacy of the Port of Barcelona.


For 150 years, the Port of Barcelona has had a particular sensitivity towards artistic creation. Thus, a heterogeneous sample of contemporary art in our country has been compiled. An example are the collections of photographs, drawings and sculptures, some of which are large, that are already part of the city's landscape.

Since the beginning of creation the port has also formed an interesting collection of nautical and port instruments. More than 700 objects that help to understand how navigation developed, in addition to 300 pieces that make up the Historical Collection of the Official College of Public Weighers and Metres of Barcelona.

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    'Homenaje a la natación', Alfredo Lanz Rodríguez (2004)


Fruit of the adaptation of the port over the centuries to the new needs of the city, objects have remained that are testimony of its evolution and that are part of the history of the city and the country.

Our commitment is to look after all this heritage, promoting its conservation and dissemination, so that everyone can discover and enjoy it.

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    Fragmento de la exposición 'Fotofaros. Una mirada a los faros a través de la fotografía contemporánea'.


Informative reports and specialised articles in various media on the history of the Port of Barcelona, such as in the history magazine 'Sàpiens' or the 'Bulletin of Industrial Archaeology and Science and Technology Museums'.

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    Fotografía incluída en el 'Butlletí d'Arqueologia Industrial i de Museus de Ciència i Tècnica'. (Archivo de la Autoridad Portuaria de Barcelona)


The Port of Barcelona organizes and participates in various cultural and artistic projects that contribute to disseminating maritime and port culture and history.

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    Intervención artística del proyecto 'Why?' (Carme Solé Vendrell) en el Museu Marítim de Barcelona.