Port Vell

Port Vell is both a port and a city. It is a public space as well as a driving force for economic, social and cultural activity. Its mission is to generate prosperity for the community, consolidating itself as a friendly, sustainable and cohesive area, fully integrated into the city.

Port Vell is yours

Port Vell is the citizens’ area of the Port of Barcelona, one of the most dynamic, attractive and unique areas of the city. Through a balanced management of public spaces, Port Vell has become an international benchmark of port-city integration and has achieved a productive and sustainable coexistence between urban and citizen use and commercial, industrial and fishing activities present in the region. The citizen port is managed by; Port Vell Gerencia set up by the Port of Barcelona in 1988. 

Port Vell
16 M
Visitors per year
The interest shown by visitors confirms it as an emblematic space in the city.
70 h
Surface area
There are promenade areas, business and shopping centres, restaurants and hotels as well as leisure, cultural and sports facilities.

Bringing the port closer to the city

Port Vell is one of the favourite spaces for locals and tourists alike and combines public and other activities. Since its transformation in the 1980s, it has been a key element in the social and economic growth of the city.


The citizens’ area is a pioneering transformation initiative and management model, resulting from significant investment by the Port of Barcelona and the private sector. It is currently facing the great challenge of rethinking and adapting itself to the needs of the citizens and the urban transformation of Barcelona. 

The 3 axes that mark the evolution of Port Vell

Port Vell’s destination in the short term is defined in the 2025 Strategic Plan.
The legacy of a unique competition

America's Cup Barcelona 2024

Holding the America's Cup 2024 in Barcelona will have an impact on the entire city, the Port and, especially, Port Vell. As well as the global showcase that the world's most important nautical event implies, through the modernisation of infrastructures and investment in new technologies, sustainable resources and promotion of the blue economy.
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How to get to Port Vell

The continuity of the city over the sea.