Cruise ships

Barcelona is the leading cruise port in Europe and the Mediterranean not only because of its location, but also because of its security, its terminals and the wide range of services for passengers and ships.

Barcelona, a pioneer base and leader in Europe

Cruise tourism has boomed and the Port of Barcelona is a pioneer in the industry. It is the first European base and the fourth in the world, with 3.1 million cruise passengers a year. It also leads improvements in infrastructure, services, security and sustainability and is an example of how collaboration between the port and the city is the formula for success.

cruceros puesta de sol

Uniting efforts

The Port of Barcelona is committed to sustainable tourism and participates in various associations to fight climate change.

Leading port in Europe and the Mediterranean

The largest cruise ships in the world call at Barcelona

The number of cruise passengers and cruise ships has not stopped growing in recent years and Barcelona is the base port chosen by most of the companies for their commitment to sustainability, their security measures, their modern infrastructures and their highly qualified and specialised personnel. The Port of Barcelona can simultaneously accommodate 10 large cruise ships.