Why do business in Barcelona?

Barcelona is a unique logistics centre in the Mediterranean and in southern Europe thanks to its industrial specialisation and value-added services, the concentration of key infrastructures, such as the port and the airport, and its marketing and distribution network. 

It is internationally recognised as a medium-sized city, suitable for business, entrepreneurship, with a multicultural labour market, with good training, with an innovative, pioneering and established ecosystem, well-connected and with high quality of life.

Logistics and distribution centre

From Barcelona, the sixth largest metropolitan area in Europe and the third Mediterranean coastal city with the largest immediate consumer market in the eastern Mediterranean, there is access to a potential market of 400 million consumers in Europe and the Mediterranean in less than 48 hours. And it also offers a competitive transit time compared to the Asian market. 

Compared to northern European agglomerations, distribution from Barcelona saves costs of between 10 and 15% and a 40-50% reduction in the carbon footprint of logistics chains. Another advantage is the concentration of logistics infrastructures (port, airport and logistics areas) and the presence of national and international logistics operators that offer specialised value-added services for industrial sectors.

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A global city

Barcelona is an entrepreneurial city with a vibrant innovative, pioneering ecosystem and with a high quality of life. It is the third city in Europe that receives the most visitors and the tenth in the world. It also has an international brand recognised as one of the most attractive cities in Europe to host international investment and has a multicultural labour market with good training: 2 of the 10 best business schools in all of Europe can be found here.

In the capital of Catalonia more than 9,000 international companies cohabit and is the southern gateway to Europe for international trade thanks to its location in the Mediterranean corridor and its powerful network of connections.

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Concentration and specialisation

The union of specialised infrastructures and industrial diversification make Barcelona the ideal city to find business partners and qualified personnel for all kinds of national and international companies.

The concentration of industrial clusters makes it easier for companies from different sectors to find value-added services in Barcelona and take advantage of all transport, first-rate infrastructures and logistics and technological partners grouped together here with a clear client orientation and excellence.

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