Strategic plan 2021-2025

The main development objective of the Port of Barcelona in the 2021-25 period is economic, social and environmental sustainability.


Mission, the reason for being

Generate prosperity in the community, increasing the competitiveness of clients through the efficient and sustainable provision of logistics and transportation services.

Vision, the image of the future

Become a SMART logistics centre (Sustainable, Multimodal, Agile, Resilient, Transparent) and consolidate itself as a multidisciplinary space where all means of transport come together.

More than a port: a better future

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The SMART concept as a basis for the future

Sustainable development

This vision implies consolidating the Port as a logistics hub characterised by five attributes, which define the SMART concept:

  1. Sustainable, economic, social and environmental level
  2. Multimodal hub for all kinds of means of transport
  3. Agile, flexible and fast
  4. Resilient, with the capacity to overcome the disruptions and adapt to changes
  5. Transparent to clients and society

The long-term vision is applicable to the commercial port, the logistics port, the port exterior and the Port Vell area, with an adaptation, and is in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

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Strategic evolution of the port

The strategic planning of the Port of Barcelona began in the mid-nineteen nineties, with the preparation of the Green Book (1997). Since then, 4 more strategic plans have followed with different objectives and short-term projects, adapted to the current scenario at all times. In all plans, the mission or reason for being as a port has remained practically unchanged. But in the last edition, a step forward has been taken and the creation of well-being for the community and sustainability have been placed at the forefront.