The benefits of the America's Cup

  • The America's Cup 2024 is an event with a great capillarity that encompasses multiple sectors such as technology, sports and the nautical industry. 
  • In the same way that leading international events, such as the Mobile World Congress, have had a very positive impact on the digital ecosystem of Barcelona, the Port of Barcelona wants the America's Cup to act as a catalyst for innovation and development of different industries in the country, using a sustainable development model to create positive economic and social outcomes.
The America's Cup Barcelona 2024 will leave in the city and throughout the territory a unique legacy to boost the blue economy and the sector's technology. ©ACE Barcelona SL

The legacy

The legacy that the America's Cup will leave in Barcelona encompasses six major dimensions:

  • Sport: the aim is to promote access to the sport of sailing among all groups, fostering marine identity and the values associated with the sport. The aim is to make the diversity of sports visible and encourage the participation of sailors. Particularly noteworthy is the "Viu la vela" project, which was created to bring the America's Cup and the sport of sailing to all primary schools in the city, in a dynamic, plural and inclusive way, transmitting all the values of sport and the environment.
  • Environment: to strengthen awareness for environmental conservation, as well as the regeneration of the ecosystem. The aim is to make Barcelona a world reference in sustainable industry.
  • Territory: projects to bring the catalan sailing world closer to and involved in the America's Cup, promoting the event throughout the territory and involving society as a whole.
  • Science and research: to turn Catalonia into a world reference in research and conservation of the maritime environment through universities and congresses of worldwide scope.
  • Technological innovation: to promote technological and business innovation in the blue economy and strengthen the local economy linked to the sea.
Vídeo del Plan de Innovación del Port de Barcelona.

The technological challenge of the America's Cup

Just as the Formula 1 World Championship is a technological challenge in which the various car manufacturers test innovations that may end up being adapted to standard vehicles, the America's Cup provides a glimpse of some of the elements of the future of sailing. In Barcelona, it will also be possible to see how these innovations are leading the way to a more sustainable future.

The America's Cup boats sail with retractable wings, the hydrofoils, which allow them to lift the hull above the waves and reach speeds of close to 100 km/h. These hydrofoils have been key to creating the Chase Zero, an innovative hydrogen-powered dinghy that has been specially designed to support the America's Cup by completely eliminating CO2 emissions.

This solution, which is also being considered for implementation on commercial vessels such as ferries, will serve to demonstrate the potential of alternative fuels not only for leisure sailing, but also for daily port operations.

The America’s Cup Technological Competition