Cruises and the city

As a leading cruise port in Europe and the Mediterranean, the Port of Barcelona is looking to the future with the aim of improving and achieving greater quality and efficiency to enable it to welcome the latest generation of environmentally friendly ships. At the same time, professional training is promoted and integration with the city is encouraged.

Goal: climate-neutral port by 2050

Thanks to the Nexigen project, the Port of Barcelona will reduce by 38% the tons of NOx and CO2 emitted by ships during their stay in port.

By 2030, we will have electrified all cruise berths. In the long term, we are working to become a climate-neutral port by 2050.


A strategic plan towards sustainability

The Port of Barcelona has launched its 2021-2030 Strategic Plan, focused on the environmental, social and economic sustainability of the port precinct and its community.

Cruise activity is being reorganized and concentrated at the Adossat dock, and space is being freed up at the Barcelona dock, next to the World Trade Center; this will move activity away from the city's neighborhoods and improve air quality and mobility. In addition, free space will be gained for public use, making the port more of a city.