Work in progress

The Port Authority is responsible for ensuring the development and maintenance of the port infrastructure, either directly executing works or supervising and controlling the actions of the concessionaire companies.

Main performances

The main ongoing works in the port are:

  • Redesigning ASTA facilities.
  • Extension of the Adossat wharf 3rd phase. Superstructure.
  • New renovation Portal de la Pau building.
  • Expansion of the Adossat wharf 3rd phase. Transitability.
  • Remodeling Contradic North wharf.
  • New railway access. Access railways and dispatch / reception in Nou Llobregat. Affected services and land consolidation.
  • Electricity supply to ships. Phase 1. Pilot in Terminal BEST. 
  • Electricity supply to ships. Phase 2. Pilot in Sant Bertran wharf.
  • Urbanisation Ronda del Port. Section IV. Phase 3.

In the attached map you can locate them and learn more about each one.

Works in progress