Operational information

COMUNICAT / COMUNICADO - APMT BARCELONA – Pla de contingència per densitat alta / Plan de contingencia por densidad alta

APMT Barcelona informa que es troben a uns nivells d’ocupació d’explanada superior al 85 % i expliquen les mesures extraordinàries de contingència que aplicaran fins que la situació retorni a volums normals. ************************ APMT Barcelona informa que se encuentran en unos niveles de ocupación de explanada superior al 85 % y explica las medidas extraordinarias de contingencia que aplicaran hasta que la situación vuelva a los volúmenes normales.

Arrivals and departures of ships and trains

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Terminal access time

Terminal APMT

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Terminal Best

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Terminal PortNou

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Digital tools for clients and users of the Port of Barcelona


Access time

You can find out the access time to the container terminals of the Port of Barcelona updated every 20 minutes.


Port Links

Port Links is a tool that allows you to build transport chains to import or export containers between Europe and any port in the world through the Port of Barcelona. The route is represented on a map and has updated information on regular maritime services and rail and road services.


(CTA) Container Tracking Application

The CTA (Container Tracking Application) is the container traceability system developed by the Port of Barcelona.



Portic (Port Community System)

Portic is the technological platform that facilitates interaction between companies in the port logistics community of Barcelona.

Optimising time

BCN Booking System

Pre-reservation system or allocation of specific time windows for the delivery or collection of containers at APM and BEST terminals.

Weather information

Sea state

Current weather status

Wind at the mouths