Sustainability is the main driving force of the Port of Barcelona. The goal is to generate prosperity in the community through efficient and sustainable services in its three dimensions: economic, environmental and social.


The strategy of the Port of Barcelona

The 2021 - 2025 Strategic Plan aims to make the port smart, diversified and innovative

Positive Impact Port

A pioneering Sustainability Plan for the entire Port Community
Reduce CO2 emissions

Zero-emission port

The Port of Barcelona has set itself the goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 50% by 2030 and becoming an emissions-neutral port by 2050. Some goals in line with those of the European Union, derived from the Paris agreements and those of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).

Sustainability in the Port of Barcelona

The port wants to grow economically, while reducing its environmental footprint and consolidating quality employment.
Millions of euros
This is the amount that the Port of Barcelona will invest in the electrification of all its docks. 90 million will go to investments in OPS systems.
Clean energy
The electrical energy used will come entirely from renewable sources.

Dock electrification

Nexigen, electrification by the Port of Barcelona

The Port of Barcelona will make a record investment in its Nexigen project to decarbonise port activity. An important part of this investment corresponds to the investments that will be made in the OPS systems (onshore power supply) to connect the ships to the general electrical network, using clean energy with certification of completely renewable origin.

Sustainability in the Port Community

The different organisations have adhered to sustainable practices and their indicators are collected.