The Clock Tower celebrates its 250th anniversary

The Port of Barcelona's Clock Tower celebrates its 250th anniversary this year with an exhibition and a series of events to inform the public about its history. The celebration coincides with the refurbishment of the Fishermen's wharf, which will begin this year as a way of guaranteeing the future development of fishing activity, while opening these spaces to the public. The new lighting of the Clock Tower was also lit for the first time at the event, projecting the colours of the Ukrainian flag in solidarity with the country. These also coincide with those of the flag of the la Barceloneta district.

Damià Calvet: "With the Port of Barcelona's Innovation Plan, the city's innovation will look out to sea"
The Port of Barcelona has launched its Innovation Plan to coordinate the advancement, under the same umbrella, of the various projects that are transforming the way the Port is offering its services, as they place it at the forefront of economic and social growth. The Innovation Plan was unveiled today by Damià Calvet, President of the Port of Barcelona, and Emma Cobos, Director of Innovation and Business Strategy. For the Port, innovation means turning new ideas into value for the Port Community, its customers and society at large.
Barcelona to host WOC headquarters, 2022 Sustainable Ocean Summit and the first Blue Finance Summit

The World Ocean Council, City of Barcelona and Port of Barcelona are partnering to develop the leading global hub for the Blue Economy – and this will now include the HQ for World Ocean Council. WOC's presence, events and activities will strengthen and complement the Barcelona city and port Blue Economy leadership commitment and efforts. To celebrate this new partnership, Barcelona will host the WOC the Sustainable Ocean Summit October 17-18 and the inaugural global Blue Finance Summit October 19.