• Strategic plan

    The transformation of the Port of Barcelona to adapt to the future

    23 May/16:00
  • Sustainability

    An economically, socially and environmentally sustainable port

    23 May/16:00
  • Innovation

    The Smart Port model: the road to a smart port

    23 May/16:00
of all maritime trade in Spain
The Port moves 118,142 million euros worth of goods per year
71 M
of total traffic tons
38,221 jobs


The Port of Barcelona and the America's Cup

The positive impact of the 37th America's Cup

• It will involve the creation of more than 19,000 jobs and will generate an estimated €2,285 million in productive activity.

• Up to 20 actions have been launched in the Port Vell for a value of 120 M€. No new infrastructures are being built: existing ones are being modernized and transformed.

• The estimated audience for the event is 1.2 billion people. More than 600 media will cover the America's Cup and the impact will be enormous for the Port, Barcelona and Catalonia brand.

Towards an emission-neutral Port of Barcelona

Nexigen is an ambitious plan for the electrification of the docks to supply electrical energy, of renewable origin, to ships during their stay in the port. The investment of 130 million euros will allow the installation of Onshore Power Supply (OPS) that will prevent ferries and cargo ships from having to turn on their engines and avoiding emissions.

The sustainable transformation of the Port of Barcelona

Four major initiatives in the port's transition to decarbonization
Port Vell

A citizen, entrepreneurial and blue port

• The Port Vell is the citizen territory of the Port of Barcelona. Without losing its maritime identity, it has been incorporating spaces open to the public and others for commercial, leisure, sports and cultural uses. It is also the epicenter of a growing entrepreneurial ecosystem and various blue economy initiatives.

• It is visited every year by millions of people, a figure that confirms it as an emblematic space of the city.

• Currently, several activities are being developed in its space on the occasion of the celebration of the America's Cup in 2024.

The activity of the Port of Barcelona, in real time