Port Links

Port Links is a tool that allows you to build transport chains to import or export containers between Europe and any port in the world through the Port of Barcelona. The route is represented on a map and has updated information on regular maritime services and rail and road services.

What Port Links Offers

  • Integration of the complete offer of regular maritime services of the Port of Barcelona
  • It also integrates the offer of rail and truck services
  • It offers transit times, distances, emissions of CO2 and other pollutants, transport externalities and port information
  • Port Links represents its route on a map
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Intermodal transport

The Port of Barcelona's commitment to intermodal transport means annual savings of almost 925 million euros in negative externalities.

Negative externalities, such as pollution, accidents, congestion, noise or climate change, can be drastically reduced by using rail and short sea shipping instead of the road, for the transport of containers, trailers and vehicles.  In 2022, the Port of Barcelona saved society 229 million euros with the train y 696 million euros with short sea shipping. The calculation methodology of these data has been validated and certified by the TUV Rheinland entity and has been based on the official manual of the European Commission on transport externalities.

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Calculate the ecological footprint of your container transport chain.

The ecocalculator is the tool created by the Port of Barcelona so that you can specifically calculate CO2 emissions generated by the transport of your container between Europe and the rest of the world.

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