PIF area and scanner

The facilities of the Border Inspection Post (PIF) of the Port of Barcelona are located in the Prat LAZ.

Information on the use of the PIF

In order for goods to be inspected in the PIF Area, the economic operator must contact the facility manager and carry out the established User Registration procedures, as well as pay the approved rates.

The PIF Area opens its doors

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New space for the scanner - ZIS

The scanner and Megaports facilities are essential for container supervision operations. The Port of Barcelona has a container scanner truck at Customs for container inspection. This goods inspection method is a fundamental part of the Megaports system, a project developed by the State Tax Administration Agency (AEAT) and the Department of Energy of the United States Government. The system allows the detection of nuclear materials and radioactive elements in container terminals (APM Terminals Barcelona and BEST) and in the Secondary Inspection Zone (ZIS), where the scanner is located.

For years, these facilities have been provisionally located in the Álvarez de la Campa wharf. The rearrangement of spaces in the dock has led to a space being set up in the south expansion area adjacent to the BEST terminal, for its final location.


Scanner facilities

The non-intrusive scanner of the Port of Barcelona

The Port has an Eagle M60 mobile scanner. It is a truck built on the chassis of a Mercedes Actros that deploys an arc with a very powerful X-ray machine incorporated. This model of scanner allows trucks to be scanned in driving mode ('drive by') or in portal mode ('drive through'). It is also prepared to carry out remote analysis, since Customs has a centralisation project that aims to send all the images to the central offices.


Escáner Área PIF