Inland Maritime Terminals

The Port of Barcelona has developed a network of services and infrastructures in strategic points of its hinterland such as Aragón, the Ebro Valley, Madrid, the north of the peninsula, the south of France and the north of Africa, to get closer to its clients and promote their competitiveness and internationalisation.

Puerto en red

A networking port

The Port of Barcelona network is made up of inland terminals and intermodal services between them and the port infrastructure. By promoting intermodality through short-distance rail and maritime services, and with the support of inland maritime terminals, the Port of Barcelona contributes to creating more efficient, competitive and environmentally sustainable logistics chains. The Barcelona Port Authority participates directly in the management of 8 intermodal terminals: tmZ, PSA Azuqueca, PSM Coslada, Perpignan, Vilamalla, TIM and AgroTIM Monzón, and LiteraTIM to bring port and maritime services closer to its clients.
Inland maritime terminals of the Port of Barcelona