Exceptional drought measures for users of the Port of Barcelona

05 May 2023
General view of the Port of Barcelona.
General view of the Port of Barcelona.

Catalonia is experiencing a severe drought and it is necessary to face the situation by applying both collective and individual water saving measures.

For this reason, we ask you to make a responsible and supportive use of water and, in particular, to adopt the informational or operational measures that allow:

1. Reduce or eliminate water consumption for non-basic uses such as drinking water or personal hygiene.
2. Avoid the use of water for cleaning pavements, facades or surfaces of ships, except when it is to avoid a health risk or for the safety of people.
3. Do not use water to fill ornamental fountains or other elements where water is used for aesthetic purposes.

Additionally, we consider it advisable for ships to study and plan to stock up on water in other ports where there is no restriction on the use of water, until this situation is put to an end.

These measures are complementary to those of mandatory compliance with the Special Action Plan in the event of a drought alert and eventuality (PES) and those supplementary measures that may be issued by the competent authority (ACA).