Policia Portuaria

Port Police

The Port Police is the public security body of the Barcelona Port Authority. Throughout the port area, it carries out control and surveillance tasks in the service area and maritime and land operations related to port traffic within its area of competence.

Emergency and incident telephone numbers:

Emergencies 112

Port incidents:
Operational Control Centre of the Port Police
ASTA Campus. Ronda del Port 572, Tramo VI, Port de Barcelona
08039 Barcelona

Safety of people, facilities and operations

The Port Police is the security body of the port administration, in charge of the control and surveillance of the port service area, in accordance with the powers attributed to it by the laws in force as agents of the authority and special police of public domain. Its function is to ensure the safety of users or the port community.


Always on duty

This body provides service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and throughout the port territory. It is managed from the Operational Control Centre room, where all calls and service requests in any area of security (safety and security) are received and processed. From there, the necessary emergency and protection services are activated if necessary.

Areas of action

Safe transport

Guaranteeing safe traffic involves informing the vehicles that access the port about the different characteristics of the traffic lanes and the entrances to the port and terminals. Special transport is very common, and for this reason the APB has its own regulations that regulate Special Circulation Authorisations (AEC) , which must be known and complied with by companies dedicated to this type of transport.


Information on gauges

The Port Police organises and regulates these types of transport. In addition, to conveniently inform companies and professionals, we have a map in which the different gauges are indicated, with a detailed description of potentially critical or limiting points.