Equality and diversity

The strategic goal of promoting equal opportunities in the Port involves improving the conditions of under-represented groups or groups with greater difficulties. That is why it works to promote a greater presence of women in the sector and guarantee the social and labour integration of people with disabilities and risk of social exclusion.

Diversity adds

Active policies are needed for people with disabilities and at risk of social exclusion, groups that are especially unprotected in the face of crises and under the law. That is why the Port of Barcelona works to:

  • Favour companies that exceed the legal minimums in this field in the bidding documents (2% people with disabilities in workforces of more than 50).
  • Strengthen the role of the CARES Foundation as a benchmark for the labour insertion of these groups. Goal 2025: 50% of the workforce is employed in projects of the Port Community (in 2021 it is 20%).
  • Further the elimination of access and circulation barriers for people with disabilities.


Equal benchmarks

The principle of equal treatment and opportunities between men and women governs all their actions and they want to be a benchmark as a port. To do this, they propose influencing policies that favour these attitudes, respecting the legal system, but with decisive actions: for example, taking it into account in tenders and contracts.

In addition, the Port of Barcelona seeks to attract female talent, since gender equality has been shown to be an important factor in the creation of innovative ecosystems.

woman ok
Women's Day 2021 (CAT)
Women workers in the port
Female employment does not reach, on average, to represent a third of the total workforce in the port.
Women in Management Committees
The figure differs according to the organisations (in the APB it reaches 30%) and is somewhat higher in the Boards of Directors.

More women and higher up

In logistics and port activity, women are still under-represented.

Specific plans and programmes, informative actions and a greater and better training offer in the port must contribute to increasing the presence of women and their role.

Relationship with the SDGs

The strategic goal of Port OSS2: Promoting equal opportunities is related to the three sustainable development goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

Good practices in the Port Community

Four examples of actions underway to value diversity and promote equality in the area surrounding the Port of Barcelona.