Maremagnum-Barceloneta Platform

We are working on the project for a ferry service to connect the Maremagnum shopping centre with the Fisherman's wharf in less than 5 minutes. In this way, we will connect the Rambla de Barcelona with the Barceloneta, passing through the Rambla de Mar. It will be a short sea journey that will save a lot of time compared to the land journey.


Revitalisation of spaces

In addition to improving connectivity between the different areas of Port Vell, the ferry will revitalise the public spaces located at both ends of its route. On the one hand, it will generate new flows of passers-by through the Rambla del Mar, to the commercial and leisure area of the Maremagnum, located on the España dock.


Fishing, closer to home

On the other hand, it will give visibility to Barcelona's fishing activity and promote the new uses planned for the Fisherman's wharf. It will also highlight and bring closer to the public a historical heritage element of this space: the Torre del Rellotge.

Agile, accessible and sustainable

The service will be provided through ferry platforms that will guarantee an agile boarding and disembarkation without physical barriers. The propulsion system will be sustainable.

Key data for better connectivity

Maremagnum-Barceloneta Platform