Accreditations and permits

To access the restricted area of the Port of Barcelona, whether to work, provide a service or make a visit, you must have the corresponding accreditation. You must also request a permit to carry out certain non-port activities.

Application and processing

Applications must be made, in most cases, by the company or entity for which you work or carry out the activity or the one to which you should contact. Depending on the type of accreditation or permit, the procedures are different and demand different requirements.


Who manages the authorisations?

Passes and Permits, integrated service within the scope of Port Protection of the Corporate Security area, is primarily responsible for managing authorisations for the Port of Barcelona. Processes regular and sporadic access accreditations, as well as permits for non-port activities within the port area, subject to official fees and tariffs, respectively.

The Communication Department is in charge of managing permits for the media and training entities.

Highly requested set

Port Vell also processes permits for filming and photographic sessions in the spaces of the citizen port. Films like "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" or "The perfume” and numerous advertisements have had these spaces as their setting.

Staff applications