Self-protection Plan

The Self-Protection Plan (PAU) of the Port of Barcelona is the document that includes the necessary actions in the event of an emergency that could affect any facility in the port service area.

Living document

The Self-Protection Plan (PAU) is a living document, whose content is periodically reviewed and updated. It was drafted taking into account the Basic Self-protection Standard and the latest updates have been made in compliance with the guidelines of Decree 30/2015, which approves the catalogue of activities and centres obliged to adopt self-protection measures, setting the content of these measures, and of the Agreement between the General-Directorate for the Merchant Navy and Puertos del Estado.


The objectives

The objectives of the PAU are :

  • Combat the origin of the emergency situation.
  • Mitigate its consequences on people, property and the environment.
  • For such a strategic facility as the port, restore the service as soon as possible.

Coordination, Alarm and Communications Centres

The Port of Barcelona makes use of three Coordination, Alarm and Communications Centres during emergency management.

Integration of the PAU with other plans

The PAU respects and integrates the emergency plans and measures of the different activities that take place in the port. In addition to coordinating higher level and specific plants.

Prevention activities

Summary of the periodic actions within the framework of the PAU with the aim of guaranteeing the adequacy of the means of coordination and availability of resources of the member companies and intervention groups during an emergency.
Drills in concessions
Carried out in concessions, including companies affected by the Special External Emergency Plan for the Chemical Sector (PLASEQCAT). Communication drills, called "dispatch drills", are also carried out without the mobilisation of resources.
General drill of the Port of Barcelona
During this drill there is the active participation of groups in the PAU of the Port, such as the Barcelona Fire Department and the Port Police, as well as other groups, either at a communications level or with the mobilisation of resources.
Fire drills with Tugboats
Joint sea-land exercises between the Barcelona Fire Department and Port Tugboats.
Practices with stevedores
Drill of the Stevedoring Emergency Brigade and Barcelona Fire Brigade.

Restricted access to the document

Access to the Barcelona PAU is restricted to users of the Port Community for which it is applicable. This information can be consulted through the website of the Document Management of the PAU of the Port of Barcelona.

To request access you can contact the Department of Industrial Security.

Emergency management

The PAU establishes the means of coordination between the different participating groups and defines the action protocols to be followed in the event of an emergency.

The Emergency Management is assumed by the Director General of the APB, advised by the Technical Advisory Committee and with the participation of the APB Communications Department.

The Head of Emergency holds command of the emergency and acts as a link between the Control Centre and the field command, which is the Head of the Intervention. This responsibility falls on:

  • The Land Coordinator, that is, the Barcelona Fire Department Operations Chief, in the event of a land emergency.
  • The Maritime Coordinator, that is, the pilot on duty, in the event of a maritime emergency.

Coordination of the Order Group, which involves the participating security forces, is assumed by the Port Police.


IIntervention of the Maritime Captaincy

In the event that there is a ship, vessel or naval device involved or potentially involved in the service area of the port, in accordance with the emergency actions established by the PAU Directorate, the Maritime Captaincy will adopt the decisions and coordinate the operations according to its powers.