Port Protection

The Department of Port Protection ensures compliance with the different international, European and state regulations on port protection, maritime transport and critical infrastructures. Their functions are specified below based on these.

Threat detection and prevention

The International Code for the Security of Ships and Port Facilities (known as the ISPS Code) is the framework for cooperation established by the International Maritime Organisation to detect threats in the maritime field and adopt preventive measures. For its part, European Regulation 725/2004 EC aims to establish and apply community measures to improve the protection of ships as well as port facilities.


Functions in this area

In response to these regulations, the Department assumes the following functions:

  • Identification of the limits of the port and the facilities subject to it.
  • < li>Designation of the Port Facility Protection Officers (OPIP) managed by the Barcelona Port Authority.
  • Identification of the OPIP of the port terminals and concessions affected.
  • Approval of assessments and protection plans for port facilities.
  • Issuance of the Declaration of Compliance for Port Facilities (DCIP ).

Coordination and management tasks

The Department is also responsible for coordinating and managing protection measures and functions with other port organisations and facilities, through its actions in various fields.

Processing of permits and files

Port protection includes the management of access to the restricted area of the port, as well as the police files originating from it. Below we present a couple of facts about the exercise of these functions in 2020.
Special permits
Authorisation of requests and demands for permits to carry out acts and activities in the restricted area of the port. The department also manages and issues flight permits in the port area (drones, light aircraft, helicopters).
Complaint files
Processing of sanctioning files based on the port jurisdiction regulations of the Services and Police Regulations (Catalogue of infractions, traffic, administrative and other files).

Protection enhancement measures

To improve the protection of ports and maritime transport, the Port of Barcelona adopts measures specified in the EC Directive 65/2005, of the European Parliament and of the Council,  and Royal Decree 1617/2007, of 7 December< /a>.


How the regulations are applied

These are the actions of the Department of Port Protection in application of what the aforementioned regulations determine :

  • Prepare and modify the Port Protection Assessment, which includes risk and threat assessments of high, medium and low risk areas, as well as adjacent external areas.
  • Prepare and modify the Port Protection Plan according to the risks of the assessment and the measures and procedures to be established.
  • Apply the Port Protection Plan, ensuring its correct implementation, compliance, maintenance and continuous improvement.