Training and employment

The goal of the Port of Barcelona is to promote the employment of local people, facilitate the creation of new companies and develop an ecosystem of sectoral innovation that attracts talent. To this end, with the collaboration of the Port Community and training agents, it promotes adapted and quality training in the port environment and promotes the so-called blue economy.

Private and public; these are the companies and institutions that work and are part of the Port Community.
People working in the Port
It is the social sustainability goal set by the IV Strategic Plan for 2025.

Focus on opportunities

The Port of Barcelona needs traditional and emerging professional profiles, in fields as diverse as logistics and international trade; nautical, both sports and maintenance and repair; as well as the technological field. The future prospects of this ecosystem of companies have great potential.

Logistics activity represents 13% of the total Catalan economy, which certifies its potential as an employment engine

Promote training, employment and equality

The logistics sector is one of the largest generators of jobs in Western economies and should become one of the employment engines in Catalonia. It is a sector in transformation for which the Port of Barcelona wants to guarantee adequate and quality training.

In addition, the Port seeks to influence other activities in which it has effective leadership, such as nautical repair; or potential leadership, such as fishing and maritime leisure. In other words, promote its leadership in the so-called blue economy.

The port's strategic planning in terms of training and employment is related to 4 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): SDG: 4, 5, 8 and 11.

Training and Employment Working Group

Sectoral, business, educational and union organisations are represented here, publicising job opportunities of the Port of Barcelona and training the professionals needed by all the companies in the Port Community.

The Group promotes quality training aligned with the present and future needs of the port sector, along the following lines of action:

  1. Attraction of talent for the sector
  2. Initial, continuous and occupational training geared towards the demand of the Port Community
  3. Facilitate the connection between the organisations of the Port Community with the labour market
  4. Internationalisation

Among the initiatives of the Training and Employment Working Group, the following stand out:

  • Forma't al Port
  • Competence accreditation
  • Discover the Port: stage of professors in companies; students in Dual Vocational Training and internships; advisers from educational institutions or employment services.
  • Connection with the Port Community and labour market: Chemical-Bulk terminal sector; Transport sector
  • Saló d'Ocupació: market place, employment round tables
Fomentar la formació, l'ocupació i la igualtat
Promoting training, employment and equality - IV Strategic Plan of the Port of Barcelona (CAT)

Actions to promote employability

Examples of initiatives and projects carried out or underway to advance employability and training in the area around the Port of Barcelona.

Reference in intermodality: European School

The Port of Barcelona is a founding member of the EEIT (European School – Intermodal Transport), a training centre, a benchmark in intermodal transport and logistics. The School promotes sustainable logistics in Europe through innovative courses with a close combination of theory and practice.

Innovation, key to attract talent

Barcelona and the port are European benchmarks in innovation, with initiatives such as Pier01PortInnova, BlueTech Port, Port Challenge Barcelona, OpenPort, PierNext or Smart Ports.

But a closer connection between the academic and port worlds and greater cooperation between entities and countries is necessary. To move in this direction, by 2025 the Port of Barcelona has set the goal of consolidating the Smart Ports Congress in Barcelona as a leading continental event.

Integrated Centre

The goal is to attract new technology-based companies, research centres and students and professionals from Barcelona and from around the world. To achieve this, the 4th Strategic Plan proposes the creation of a new integrated centre for innovation, knowledge and training on logistics, the blue economy and navigation in the Port area of Nova Bocana.


More cooperation and more alliances

The Port of Barcelona participates in the main sectoral organisations of the logistics-port sector, both internationally, as well as at the state and local level. In order to influence future scenarios, it seeks to maintain its relevant role and presence in them.

The Strategic Plan (2021-2025) determines that in order to achieve these short-term goals it must strengthen its presence in these global initiatives:

The Port of Barcelona also sets itself the goal of obtaining a leadership position in the World Ports Climate Action Plan (WPCAP).