New Paseo del Trencaones

The Nou Passeig del Trencaones connects with the city through Rosa dels Vents square and Paseo Mare Nostrum, and constitutes the easternmost promenade with the most maritime character in Barcelona. The space has the vocation of recovering the spirit of the historic breakwater and the direct relationship of the citizen with the sea.

Description and uses

This promenade runs along the upper part of the Bocana Nord dock in the port. The outer part of the breakwater acts as protection against breakwaters (trencaones in Catalan). In the inner part there is an attached building that houses a car park and small warehouses (storage rooms) for the users of the Marina Vela.


The eastern end of the city

At the end of the 400 metre-long promenade there is a small viewpoint with steps that represents the easternmost point of the city, an area for rest and contemplation.

The westernmost point of Barcelona

The two breakwaters

The extension projected in 1998 meant extending the port 2 km to the south. It involved the construction of the new Sud breakwater and the extension of the l'Est breakwater, on which the old breakwater promenade ran.

The works changed the profile and dimensions of the port and also created new needs. In 2003, the Bocana Nord was opened to navigation, which facilitated a more agile and safer access for fishing, sports and passenger boats, and which generated 15.5 hectares of new spaces in Nova Bocana.

To open this second entrance it was necessary to build the breakwater on which the Nou Passeig del Trencaones now runs. On the other side of the mouth, the historic breakwater or Paseo de la Escollera still allows pedestrian access today and is a place where you can watch cruise ships coming and going from the port.

Theming project: the poem promenade

The new promenade becomes a new limit between the sea and the port and between the sea and the city, restoring relationships that existed in the old Breakwater.

The Theming project La Nova Bocana, along with others, proposes a performance that will evoke emotions through poems inspired by the sea.

New Paseo del Trencaones