Open data

The Open Data project groups the public information of the Port of Barcelona into a single catalogue and makes it available to companies and individuals in digital format and in a standardised and open manner. Public data can be reused, guaranteeing transparency, efficiency and equal opportunities when creating value.

Open data 2

Legislation: transparency and development

The European Commission considers open data a requirement of transparency and an engine for the development of the information and knowledge society, especially for digital content. It has reflected this in a European Directive, the bases of which have also been transferred to state and regional regulations.

Transposition of the directive

Both the Spanish Government, with a specific law, and that of the Generalitat de Catalunya, with the agreement of the Government, have adopted the European provisions. In addition, Royal Decree 1495/2011 establishes that all public entities must have their own Plan of Measures for the Reuse of Public Sector Information (RISP).

In the port area, the public body Puertos del Estado has undertaken to publish at least 4 sets of data with high impact and value. The Port of Barcelona fully complies with the obligations of the law and the contents of the RISP are materialised on this website and offering 7 groups of data.

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