An efficient, transparent, agile, reliable, economical and innovative port contributes to making its clients more competitive in global markets and, therefore, to creating wealth in society in the form of employment.

Infrastructures and services

The Port of Barcelona's main instrument for creating value is building infrastructures and providing quality services for users and the logistics chains in which it intervenes. Flexibility and innovation are essential factors for future competitiveness.

The impact of the Port of Barcelona on its hinterland

In recent years the port has been essential for competitiveness of the logistics chains of the industries located within its area of influence. The growth of the foreign sector in communities such as Aragón, Navarra, La Rioja and Castilla y León has occurred largely thanks to the Intermodal services of the Port of Barcelona, which have guaranteed the maritime connectivity of these regions with the main export and import markets.

Infraestructuras y servicios

Success factors

The Port Community is prepared to provide services fully adapted to demand, flexible, innovative and differential. And the Port enhances its role as the leading link in the logistics chain.