Governing Council

The Governing Council promotes actions to reinforce the Port of Barcelona brand as a business community and favour the process of national and international expansion. Its objective is to increase and retain traffic and enhance the image of the Port, proposing, developing or implementing concrete projects. The different working groups carry out their activity in line with the current Strategic Plan.


This body involves all the players in the port business. Its members are technicians and experts in different fields that represent companies, entities and administrations of the Port Community and international trade.


Permanent collegiate body that promotes, coordinates and supervises the Proposals of the Working Groups and submits them to the Council as a whole for super approval. 

    Consejo rector


    Responsible for the organisational and administrative management of the Governing Council. Contact:


    The plenary session of the Council is made up of representatives of all the actors of the Port Community. It is directed by the Head of External Relations of the APB.


    Organised by scenarios subject to the current Strategic Plan, they study and develop specific issues and promote and implement new projects. They are supervised by the External Relations Department of the APB. Each group is chaired by a representative of the Port Community and coordinated by a member of the APB.





    The Governing Council is structured into an Executive Directorate, a Secretariat, an Executive Committee and 10 Working Groups organised by strategic scenarios.

    Plenary sessions

    Twice a year they hold the plenary sessions of the Governing Council, normally in the months of January and July. All the members of the plenary are summoned and in them the proposals are presented and the final decisions of the Working Groups are adopted.

    The groups meet regularly and according to the needs of each one, with at least 2 six-monthly meetings.

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    History and background

    In 1993, with the signing of the Concerted Quality Charter that integrated public and private operators with responsibilities and interests in the port, a true port community of services began to be formalised, with the objective of responding to customer needs.

    Renewal of statutes

    The actions were defined within a plenary body called the Rector Council of the Quality Plan, which revised its structure and statutes in 1998 with the preparation of the first Strategic Plan of the Port of Barcelona.

    On 23 July 2007, this body approved new statutes and went on to adopt the current name: Governing Council for the Promotion of the Port Community of Barcelona.