Security and health

The Port of Barcelona promotes the health of its staff, the safety of its facilities and operations, and of the entire Port Community, using the technology at its disposal.

Protection systems

The Port of Barcelona maintains and manages the general protection and intervention systems for fires or other emergencies, while each of the Port organisations ensures the prevention of occupational risks for its workers and the safety of its activity, with self-protection plans.


Control and surveillance systems

The Port guarantees a safe and protected space for its operations and has state-of-the-art surveillance and control systems. 

The Port Police has the necessary human and material resources (equipment) and works with the rest of the security forces and with the National Centre for the Protection of Critical Infrastructures to fulfil its port security functions.

These functions are related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 8 and 11.

policia porgtuaria
Barcelona Port Police (@bcnportpolicia)

At the service of people and facilities

The Port of Barcelona provides the resources so that the activities carried out within the port area are safe at all levels.
5 min
Ambulance response
Average reaction time of the FREMAP medical vehicle.
+ 200
The Port Police Centre monitors the safety of people and facilities.

Prevention and reaction

The Port Police controls the activities in the port area with fixed, robotic, infrared, thermal and OCR license plate cameras. In this way, it can carry out surveillance work and react quickly, if necessary.

In case health care is required, it offers a FREMAP mutual medical vehicle, active 365 days a year in the commercial port and ZAL.

A safe port 24 hours a day

The port must maintain its operation at all times with the security standards provided. Also during crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Garantizar la salud y seguridad de personas e instalaciones
    Ensuring the health and safety of people and facilities - IV Strategic Plan Port de Barcelona (CAT)
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    We work for you. (CAT)