Professional audiovisual activities with drones in the Port of Barcelona are subject to various authorisations and circumstances, depending on each area and the characteristics of the aircraft.


General requirements

  • Have an authorisation from the Barcelona Port Authority.
  • Have an authorisation from Enaire with the conditions of use applicable to the operation.
  • Have a authorisation from CAT Helicopters Heliport with its specific restrictions.
  • Be a registered operator (except MTOM 250 gr and without recording media), meeting all the requirements of the applicable standard mentioned in section 3. In particular, the pilot carrying out the operation must have the corresponding certification for that specific operation.
  • Justification of the type of category of the operation (open or specific), through analysis of evaluation of operational risks, AESA registry of the operator in which the category in which it operates can be verified, statement delivered to AESA of a specific standard scenario, specific operation authorisation or LUC.
  • Document with which the operator analyses compliance with the different conditions required by Delegated Regulation (EC) 2019/945 depending on the size of the UAS and its operation. Compliance with all the requirements of the corresponding class is not required, but an analysis of the operator involved in its operation/UAS.

Zone 1 Requirements: Public Area

Zone 2 Requirements - Restricted Area

Zone 3 Requirements - Restricted Area

Zone 4 Requirements - Restricted Area

Zone 5 Requirements - Restricted Area

Zone 6 Requirements - Restricted Area

Zone 7 requirements: inland sea zone

Zone 8 requirements: outer sea zone