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Project Cost
Total eligible costs: €2,981,601.50
Project Financing TENT-T
ENI funding: 90%
Project Contribution TENT-T
ENI Contribution: €2,683,441.35

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The project

Project focused on the implementation of cross-border cooperation activities in the context of the European neighbourhood policy, complementing the efforts made within the framework of the Euro-Mediterranean Association, with the ultimate goal of developing a zone of peace, stability, prosperity and good neighbourhood of the European Mediterranean Partner Countries (MPC).


Objectives of the project

  • Increase the labour insertion of women and young people with qualifications.
  • Improve and promote labour insertion measures for women and young people through innovative resources such as specific training, orientation and a mentoring service involving public institutions.
  • Introduce formal agreements between TVET and the private sector that align skills and training with labour market requirements and sectoral policies and improve the transition from school to work.
  • Increase the number of social inclusion actions, networks and participatory groups related to or created by women and young people.