Maritime operations

To navigate and operate in the waters of the Port of Barcelona it is essential to know the regulations and the current organisation system. As the Port Authority, we have the power to order and coordinate maritime traffic in the port, as well as control technical-nautical port services.

Document Marine Operations FAQ responds quickly to the most frequently asked questions by users of the maritime area of the port. In any case, if you have any questions, clarifications or suggestions, you can contact our Maritime Operations Department by email:

Documents governing the waters of the Port

Documents that establish the rules and criteria, the services and the management and control mechanisms and the basic guidelines for entering the port.

Regulatory ordinance for the management and coordination of maritime port traffic in the Port of Barcelona

Establishes the rules and criteria, services and management and control mechanisms.

30 Sep 2021
Ordenanza reguladora de la ordenación y coordinación del tráfico marítimo portuario en el Port de Barcelona

Approach procedure to the Port of Barcelona (EN)

Details the basic guidelines for entering the port.


30 Sep 2021
Procedimiento de aproximación al Port de Barcelona