Work in progress

The Port Authority is responsible for ensuring the development and maintenance of the port infrastructure, either directly executing works or supervising and controlling the actions of the concessionaire companies.

Main performances

The main ongoing works in the port are:

  • Catalunya wharf geotechnical campaign and Energía wharf extension.
  • Redesigning ASTA facilities.
  • Extension of the useful life of the control tower
  • Rehabilitation of the Oriental wharf sheds.
  • Redesigning of the fishing area. Fish market

In the attached map you can locate them and learn more about each one.

Work in progress

Details of works in progress

  • Geotechnical campaign for the Catalunya dock and expansion of the Energía dock: The APB has planned the construction of the Catalunya dock, which will complete the port development planned for the southern expansion and, at the same time, important actions are planned at the Energía dock, basically the new basin of the 35s docks and the reconfiguration of the 32s docks. Given that the aforementioned actions must be the subject of the corresponding construction projects, it is essential to have detailed information on the geotechnical characteristics of the land.


  • Redesigning ASTA facilitiesThe purpose of this action is to improve the functional conditions of the ASTA complex, made up of a main building and an annex building for the port police. The current departments (Conservation, Archives and Port Police) will be maintained and an area of the main building will be used on a rental basis by other companies, APB concessionaires.

    For this purpose, a comprehensive rehabilitation of both buildings is proposed, both at a functional level, since a new distribution is projected on all floors, and at a structural level, since the façade is affected, which will be completely replaced, together with the roof and its reinforcements. On the contrary, the existing floors are almost entirely intact, although reinforcements are necessary in the foundations.


  • Extension of the useful life of the control tower: The Port of Barcelona control tower building has a unique design that combines a Corten steel structure with a permeable façade. Additionally, the different floors are constructed using collaborative steel sheet. The combination of effects produced by its high exposure to maritime corrosion, given its location, and the design characteristics and structural conception, which do not prevent or facilitate this action, has caused some structural elements of the building to present a corrosion pathology.

    Thus, this action allows the necessary work to be carried out to address the protection and restitution or repair of the control tower structure in those areas affected or likely to be affected by corrosion.


  • Rehabilitation of the Oriental wharf sheds.: Between the Oriental and Llevant wharves and Passeig Joan de Borbó there is a set of sheds (warehouses) with notable architectural value, which were built at the beginning of the last century. All of them have been disused for years, which has caused them to gradually deteriorate until the current moment, in which they are in a poor state of conservation.

    The need arises to rehabilitate and recover the original state of the complex to avoid public safety and environmental problems. For this reason, a new joint contracting procedure for project preparation and execution of the necessary works was initiated.


  • Redesigning of the fishing area. Fish market: The fish market building is in a precarious state and has serious corrosion problems, since it has a completely metal structure, including walls and roof. The construction of a new fish market is proposed, with the necessary auxiliary facilities (ice factory), in order to have services updated to new needs. Likewise, it is necessary to undertake the redevelopment of the fish market's surroundings, to adapt it to the standards of the new building and the port-city format open to the public.

    In short, this action specifically includes the physical construction of the fish market building. Likewise, it is also necessary to undertake the redevelopment of the fish market's surroundings, to adapt it to the standards of the new building and the port-city format open to the public.