Projects of the Telematic Forum

The main projects of the working group, grouped by year of approval.

Project list

List and brief description of the projects developed by the Telematic Forum since 1994:


2019: Reservations for loading and unloading operations. Appointment request procedure for loading or unloading operations at the terminal, which avoids queues and truck stay times, thus reducing environmental impact.


2016: Communication of the verified gross weight of the containers (VGM). SOLAS regulations require the actual weight of the full container to be declared. The official weighing must be communicated to the terminal; if it is not available, make a weighing request to the terminal.


2011: Ro-ro loading/unloading lists. Design of the communication procedure of loading and unloading lists for road traffic between consignees and motor vehicle terminals. It includes the notification of the ro-ro cargo (roll-on cargo) actually unloaded or loaded.


2010: Positioning Coordination Service for the inspection of containers. Introduction of improvements in the operational management procedure for inspection positioning ("Express" mode for ro-ro traffic, reservation according to time slots, etc.).


2009: Entry and exit of goods by rail (ESMF). Definition of the documentary exchanges that must be carried out to process the entry and exit of goods by rail at the port.



  • Communications between terminals and Port Authority. Definition of information exchanges between the terminals that handle containers and the APB.
  • Undocumented export. Definition of the export customs documentary procedure, focusing on the control prior to shipment that is carried out in the fiscal receipt.
  • Positioning Coordination Service for the inspection of containers. Design of the operational management procedure for positioning for the inspection of containers and other load units identifiable by unique reference in BIP, in the non-intrusive inspection zone (using the container scanner) and in the terminal (esplanade).


2007: Container unloading/loading lists. Design of the communication procedure for unloading and loading lists of containers between consignees and port terminals. It includes the notification with the list of the goods actually unloaded or loaded.


2006: Scanner and Border Inspection Services (SIF). Work related to the exchange of information in the non-intrusive inspection of containers and participation in the definition of the ATRAE platform, which was intended to become a state one-stop shop for access to SIF (Comprehensive control systems).


2005: Expansion of EDI communications. Expansion of document processing via EDI to different terminals, consignee agents and container depots.



  • Communications between operators, terminals and Customs. Telematic communications (EDI) between operators and terminals and with Customs, for document simplification.
  • Entry and exit of goods by land (ESMT). Associated documentary exchanges at the entry and exit of goods from the port area by land.



  • Booking and shipping instructions. Definition of communication of booking requests and shipping instructions at the port.
  • Hiring stevedores. Telematic definition of this service for hiring stevedores.
  • Telematic invoice. Design and implementation of the telematic invoice exchange system between the public and private operators of the Port Logistics Community.


2001: Docking request / Dangerous goods / Telematic invoice. Project for mooring requests, extension of dangerous goods documentation and telematic invoice.

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1999: Entry and exit of goods from the port area. Re-engineering of all documentary procedures associated with the entry/exit of goods from the port area.



  • Confirmation of consignments. Definition of the information service on consignment confirmation between customs agents and consignees to prepare the import declaration. Information services for the summary declaration and dispatch of merchandise.
  • Docking request. Re-engineering of the procedures associated with notification of arrival and docking request, for the Port Authority and Maritime Captaincy. It means simplification of documentary procedures and provides new methods of presenting documentation
  • Dangerous Goods. Implementation of EDI for the processing of documents associated with the entry of dangerous goods into the port area.


1995: Summary Declaration. Creation of a new summary declaration model for maritime traffic, with the definition of the associated EDI messages.



  • Start of EDI implementation. Prioritisation, monitoring of EDI implementation and improvement of the most problematic circuits.
  • Documentary circuits in the Port of Barcelona. Carrying out an analysis of the starting situation by the Information Guarantee Commission. This analysis was reflected in the document "Els circuits documentals al Port de Barcelona” (Documentary circuits in the Port of Barcelona) (ISBN 84-89349-48-7).