Business missions

Business missions are an essential commercial tool to promote the Port Community of the Port in the most strategic foreign markets and to help the internationalisation of the business fabric of our environment.

Support for internationalisation

Since 1998, the Port of Barcelona has organised business missions to the markets with the best growth prospects. With them, the role of the Port as a catalyst for foreign trade and promoter of the Port Community of Barcelona is highlighted. And it helps companies in its environment to enter new markets and position themselves in an increasingly global scenario.

Business missions allow:

  • Presentation and promotion of the Port of Barcelona and the services of the Port Community.
  • Knowledge of the reality of the market of the country of destination.
  • Promotion and increase of commercial relations through bilateral contacts.
  • Detection of new business opportunities.
  • Establishment of exchanges of experiences.
  • Definition of strategic alliances at business and institutional level.