The world's second largest container ship begins operating in the Port of Barcelona

The Port of Barcelona received the first port call of the MSC Sixin, the second largest container ship in the world, at the Hutchison Ports BEST terminal. The MSC Sixin, owned by Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), is part of the class known as "MSC Gülsün" - named after the first ship of this type - and its 23,756 TEU capacity, 400-metre length and 61-metre width.

The Port of Barcelona guarantees that it will provide essential services to maintain the supply of goods

The Port of Barcelona guarantees to its customers that it will fulfil essential services to maintain the supply of goods, facilitating logistics operations and the correct provision of the various industries that have to remain in operation, as well as the consumer products that must be supplied to the public.

The Port of Barcelona closed FY 2019 with turnover of € 172 million

The Port of Barcelona achieved a turnover of € 172 million in 2019, very similar to the 2018 result, when it closed with € 174 million. This income stability was achieved despite the 10% reduction in cargo fees, which represent one of the Port's main sources of revenue, leading to a reduction in income of approximately € 4.5 million.