The Port of Barcelona has applied a reduction of 10% in T3 tax

Once published the State General Budget Law, the Port of Barcelona will apply a 10.17% reduction in the Good's tax (T3). In this way, the basic amount changes to 2.65€. This modification has effect from 5th of July, as the State General Budget Law.

The Port of Barcelona strengthens its leadership in cruises with a commitment to sustainability and innovation

At the Seatrade Cruise Global 2018 event, the Port of Barcelona has set out its commitment to sustainability, the environment and innovation as strategic axes for the development of cruise activity. The Port also underscored the good pace of development of the new infrastructures dedicated to this sector and the loyalty shown by the leading global operators towards Barcelona.

The Port of Barcelona takes a quantum leap in 2017 to become the fastest-growing European port

In 2017 the Port of Barcelona recorded its best results yet in the main traffic indicators, figures that allowed it to take a quantum leap to become the fastest-growing European port. Total traffic (including all cargo modes) surpassed 61 million tonnes for the first time, recording a year-on-year increase of 26%.