Service Guides, or Manuals, are the latest commitment with regard to ensuring quality in the provision of services at all ports, and the Barcelona Port Authority (APB) is actively involved in their development in order to contribute to acommon goal: improving the quality of the service offered to clients.

The public body Puertos del Estado is responsible for drawing up and approving the Generic Service Guides, which must subsequently be adapted to each port's specific reality in the form of Specific Service Guides. The implementation of the Economic System and Service Provision at Ports of General Interest Act (Act 48/2003, of 26 November) entailed a new step forward in the improvement of service quality at all ports.

The Service Guides are comprised of two parts: a Quality Manual and a series of Service Quality Features, fulfilment of which allows companies to earn quality certification for the services they offer their clients. To this end, they must successfully pass an audit conducted by an independent, accredited firm.


The APB haslead the effort to develop different Specific Service Guides (RSE in Spanish) for the Port of Barcelona:

  • Automobile Traffic RSE
  • Pilotage Service RSE
  • Navigational Aids RSE

An RSE for Cruise Ship Traffic is currently being prepared.