Barcelona wharf

The wharf is home to the World Trade Center Barcelona, two cruise terminals, a five-star luxury hotel and the Port cable car. It is the ideal venue for eye-catching events targeting either the general public or business. The wharf car park has space for 750 vehicles.

Drassanes wharf

Dominated by the head office of Barcelona Port Authority, the Plaza del Portal de la Pau is the administrative centre of Port Vell. Iconic events such as the Fiestas de la Mercè are held here.

Because of its location close to Las Ramblas and the Columbus monument, 75% of visitors to Port Vell pass through the Portal de la Pau, the main landmark. This is a much-appreciated part of the city: the historic golondrinas pleasure boats depart from the square, which has one of the most breathtaking views in Port Vell.

The square is used mainly for official events, but it can also be used to host temporary privately-sponsored events which are particularly relevant to inhabitants.

Rambla de Mar

This is the most iconic feature in Port Vell. The architectural design and urban setting have made the Rambla de Mar a unique walkway. It is the natural continuation of Las Ramblas.

Bosch i Alsina wharf

Also known as the Moll de la Fusta, this is one of the largest spaces in Port Vell. It is ideal for large-scale events with large infrastructures as it can accommodate large numbers of people.

The wharf has good transport links and a car park on Passeig de Colom. It is the oldest part of Port Vell to have been reclaimed for public use. Every year, the wharf hosts events such as the La Mercè festivities, promotional exhibitions by various autonomous communities and foreign countries, plus product launches and promotions.

Espanya wharf

At the heart of Port Vell, the wharf is divided into distinct areas: Plaza de Odisea, Plaza de Itaca and Mirador del Port Vell. These spaces can be used to host events ranging from presentations and exhibitions through to spectacular sea displays. The wharf has a range of cultural and leisure facilities including Maremagnum and the Aquarium. The car park accommodates just under 1,000 vehicles.

Diposit wharf

This is the smallest wharf and is ideal for creating a particular atmosphere. The wharf is divided into two zones: Plaza Pau Vila (completely autonomous) and the Palau de Mar where you will find the offices of the Catalan government’s Department of Social Action and Citizenship, the Museum of the History of Catalonia and restaurants. The wharf car park has space for 750 vehicles.

Paseo Joan de Borbó

Also known as the Barceloneta wharf, this is a wide open space. Close to the beach and the attractions of Marina Port Vell, the fishermen, palm trees and other features make this the perfect location for the Barceloneta district festivities, commercial events, sporting, cultural, social and branding activities such as film-making, product presentations, restaurants and much more. The nearby car park has space for up to 750 vehicles.

Rellotge wharf

The Rellotge wharf is a venue with a difference: smaller and more low-key than the Barceloneta wharf, it is nonetheless an integral part of the Paseo Joan de Borbó. The Marina Port Vell is the main landmark. This is a much-appreciated part of the city: the historic golondrinas pleasure boats depart from the square, which has one of the most breathtaking views in Port Vell.

This is the ideal place to organise large-scale public events to draw in the thousands of people who stroll along here every day.

Plaza del Mar

The new Plaza del Mar was opened in summer 2009. The magnificent renovation has attracted large numbers of visitors. It serves to emphasise the importance of Barcelona’s coastal outlook, gives access to the Sant Sebastià beach and forms a direct link with the new Paseo Mare Nostrum which runs along the beach to the new entrance mouth.

It is a lively, bustling recreational area, ideal for sporting and cultural events, or high-impact public occasions such as the opera on the Platja del Liceu de Barcelona. The underground car park adds the finishing touch to this unique area.

Access to the north entrance mouth and Plaza Rosa dels Vents

The 9 ha northern entrance mouth is the most recent area to be opened to the public.

Plaza Rosa dels Vents is a space measuring 7,000 m2, 11 metres above sea level in this beautiful and unique location, which is the ideal place to watch the sun rise and set. It has been converted into a magnificent observation platform. Many publicity companies are choosing the location to impress potential clients, as it can be used to create either a modern or a romantic image. The nearby W Barcelona Hotel constitutes the perfect partner for product presentations and events.

Access to the Nueva Bocana, or new entrance mouth includes an underground car park and various gardens which lead to the hotel. Plans are in the pipeline to build an Alzheimer's research centre and a new marina for yachts and luxury yachts, rounding off the city port's product range.