The Library and the Newspaper and Periodicals Library

The Archive of the Port of Barcelona puts within user's reach a collection of more than 2,300 monographs and 1,900 periodical publications, catalogued by the Universal Decimal Classification system and from a specific Tesaurus.

The periodicals and monographs selection has been made by the documentary professionals of the Port Archive, bearing in mind the needs of the port's departments and investigators.

The collection is computerized and the consultation, at this moment in time, must be made in person. The Port Archive puts at the user's disposal a computer and the advice of an expert documentarist.

Summaries in digital format

The users also will have computer access to the daily report of news which gathers the specialized information of the maritime, port logistic and transport sectors, the report of the periodical publications summaries which the Port of Barcelona is subscribed to and the contents of the articles of maritime interest. This new service includes de chance of making historical investigations of all the published material.

These sumaries must be requested at the address