Modern Collection of Images

The modern part of the images collection is a compilation of the main buildings of the Port of Barcelona, the building work, the activities of the different terminals and the updated features of culturally interesting buildings as the lighthouses. It is catalogued and described and at present it is in a digitalization process. The people interested in consult the collection have to contact directly the Archive of the Port of Barcelona at the adress

Carlos de Angulo Collection

From the historical collection stands out the Carlos de Angulo Collection, related to the everydaylife, the buildings and the fleet, the activities and tasks of the Port of Barcelona during the period comprised from 1905 to 1956. This collection can be consulted mainly in the Port Archive. Also from this collection it has been published a catalog that has been distributed among the main archives, libraries and museums of Catalonia.

The images collection of the Port of Barcelona comprises more than 10.000 originals and copies which are a sample of the historical and present activities of the Port of Barcelona.