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Customer Services (SAC) is one of the Port of Barcelona's most direct links with the market. The service is primarily intended to ensure transparency and service quality for goods passing through the Port of Barcelona.

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Track and trace your shipment in Barcelona

CSMF (Service center for the French market) is an extension of Portic, Port of Barcelona's Cargo Community System. This a free tool available to the French users of the Port in order to track and trace their shipments. 

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Taxes and tariffs

The Barcelona Port Authority (APB) is the public institution responsible for the management of the Port of Barcelona. Among its functions is raising rates in the various port-logistics operators.

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The Port de Barcelona Ecocalculator is a tool for calculating the CO2 emissions generated by transporting a container between Europe and the rest of the world through the Port de Barcelona.

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Escola Europea Intermodal Transport

The Escola Europea Intermodal Transport is the European reference center for training in logistics and intermodal transport. It aims to promote intermodal transport and thus the development of sustainable logistics in Europe.

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