The Port of Barcelona is a strategic infrastructure for the competitiveness of Catalan trade and industry.

The customer value provided by the Port of Barcelona involves increasing the competitive edge of the logistics chains of the companies using their services.

How does the Port of Barcelona benefit its customers?

The Port's contribution to its customers' competitiveness is equivalent to 6.1% of the sales of the industrial and commercial sectors of Catalonia, or 22.865 billion euros

Much of this comes from the increase in sales of its customer companies, achieved as a result of the Port of Barcelona boosting their internationalisation and diversification by providing them access to a wide range of foreign markets within the required time, frequency and quality levels.

The increase in external activity of Catalonia's productive sectors likewise generate a series of additional incomes or economic activity equivalent to 5.7% of Catalonia's GAV and job creation representing 5.4% of the total



Overall, the Port of Barcelona is directly or indirectly responsible for 7.1% of the GAV and 6.3% of the employment in Catalonia.

The benefits provided by the Port to its customers are much greater than the economic value produced by the Port as a services infrastructure. The Port's influence upon the production processes and sales of the companies using it for their import and export activity far exceeds the volume of goods passing through it, since they have a direct impact on the level of competitiveness of its customers' logistics chains and indeed on the wealth generated by the Catalan economy as a whole.