The Port of Barcelona's economic weight goes beyond the entire logistics chain, from the arrival / departure of the vessel up to the end consumer.

Ports operate as major wealth-generating service infrastructures whose influence lies further afield than the Port, with direct effects upon the competitiveness of the industrial and commercial area to which they provide their services.

What does the Port produce as a service infrastructure?

The activities performed by the Port of Barcelona - ship, logistics and intermodal transport services - directly and indirectly generate Gross Added Value (GAV) for the economy to the tune of 2.291 billion euros, or 1.4% of Catalonia's total GAV.

An additional 58 € of GAV are generated in the economy for every 100 € of income generated directly by the companies of the Port.

The companies of the Port Community employ 13,365 people directly, and this, added to the indirect employment created, makes a total of 32,101 jobs, representing 0.9% of Catalonia's job market.

For every two jobs at the Port of Barcelona, three additional jobs are generated in the economy as a whole.