The Port of Barcelona's mission is:

“To contribute to its customers' competitiveness by providing efficient services that respond to their needs for maritime transport, land transport and logistics services."

To accomplish its mission, the Port of Barcelona has evolved in parallel to the hinterland it serves. Its region is characterised by a wide range of productive sectors that have given us a diversified port responding to all of these sectors: car industry, foodstuffs, energy products, chemicals, metal products, building materials and sectors related to distribution and trade.

The Port of Barcelona holds a customer portfolio of nearly 3,000 companies, which represent a combined turnover of 300 billion euros and generate more than a million jobs.

Each sector has different logistics needs.The Port of Barcelona has specialised in line with the various requirements of its customers. Value generation by the Port is based upon provision of a wide range of services within the supply chain as goods pass through the port. These services go beyond traditional port operations and create competitive advantages in our customers' production and marketing processes.

The Port plays an outstanding role in providing dynamism and internationalising the industrial and commercial fabric of the area. The Port therefore has a great responsibility, as other strategic sectors of the country depend upon its growth and projection.