With the signing of the Letter of Agreed Quality in 1993, and through the integration of public and private operators with responsibilities and interests in its territorial area, the Port became the only port community of services, with the aim of satisfying the needs and expectations of its clients. Its actions were defined within a plenary organisation called Advisory Board of the Quality Plan, which revised its structure and rules in 1998, with the drawing up of the Strategic Plan of the Port of Barcelona and on July 23, 2007, it was renamed to the Advisory Board for the Promotion of the Barcelona's Port Community.

The Advisory Board is the organ that materializes the will of cooperation between the Barcelona Port Authority and the public and private institutions that carry out its activity within the port premises, in order to take part in the future development of the Port of Barcelona.

In short, the Advisory Board for the Promotion of the Barcelona's Port Community intends to encourage any actions that strengthen the brand of Port of Barcelona as a community of business to promote the process of national andinternational expansion of the Port and to increase the traffic of goods and to boost its image. Representatives of different entities and associations compose the Advisory Board that make up the Barcelona's Port Community and other entities related to international trade, so all parties are involved in the port business.

Rules govern the functioning of this organisation, which were approved on July 23, 2007. Its organizational structure has an Executive Committee, which is a collegial organisation of permanent nature that issue the Advisory Board the proposals that contribute to the development of projects of interests, encourage, and oversee the work programs and the elaboration of proposals foraction of the different Work Groups.