The Fòrum Telemàtic is a working group participated by the Port Community which its task consists on improving port processes.

It was first conceived of in 1994 when, within the framework of the Port of Barcelona's Quality Plan, a Commission for the Guarantee of Information was created with a view to speeding up and modernising the Barcelona Port Community by implementing and extending the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to all documentary processes required of the community's member companies and organisations.

The participation of private actors, the lack of transparency identified by end clients in the different surveys conducted, the variety of systems in use, the exclusive focus on maritime transport with little to no regard for the commercial transactions required, etc., all pointed to a need to rethink the objectives in order to overcome the limitations of solutions geared toward the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system.

This need was what led to the formation of Portic Barcelona, SA in 1999. The company was approved as a set of information system services exclusively for the Barcelona port logistics community and its clients. The challenge: to facilitate and speed communication and the exchange of documents. The speed of goods clearance depends on the agility of certain documentary circuits that are used for the exchange of over 40 different documents among a variety of agents: authorities, shipping agents, forwarding agents, customs brokers, ship owners, etc.

In 1988, the Port of Barcelona's first Strategic Plan was drawn up, and the Steering Committee for Quality came to be known as the Steering Committee for the Strategic Plan and Quality. To implement the new strategy, 8 working groups were set up in the different strategic areas. One of them, called the FÒRUM TELEMÀTIC, was to deal with the role of telecommunications and new technologies in international trade. The former Commission for the Guarantee of Information was dissolved and this replacement embarked on a new stage that retained the essence of its forebear whilst at the same time incorporating additional challenges and broader objectives.

In 2003, the FÒRUM TELEMÀTIC received the "Award for best practices in the Central Government" by the hand of the Ministry of Public Administration.

In 2009 took place the celebration of 15 years of the FÒRUM TELEMÀTIC. The event included presentations of different agents of the Port Community, which outlined the benefits provided by the procedures defined over the years by this working group.

Thanks to the improvement proposals raised at FÒRUM TELEMÀTIC meetings, the degree of telematic messages in the Port of Barcelona has increased from 10% in 2000 to 84% in early 2012, and 92% in 2019.