The conditions of use of the data sets provided by the Port Authority of Barcelona are subject to the relevant current legislation. According to article 8 of Law 37/2007, the reuse of the information contained in these datasets is subject to the following general conditions:

  • The content of the information must not be modified
  • The sense of the information must not be distorted
  • Authorship must be cited
  • The date of the last updating must be cited

Applicable license for data reuse

Whilst the use of services and data provided via this portal assumes acceptance of these conditions of use, it does not concede authorship or intellectual property rights of the datasets upon the user. General conditions of use are stated for all datasets provided by Open Data APB (Port Authority Barcelona).

Datasets are published under Creative Common licence terms – Attribution (CC-BY 4.0) which allows:

  • Copying, distribution and public broadcasting
  • Use for commercial or non-commercial purposes, unless  this use constitute a public administration activity
  • Modification, transformation and adaptation
  • Authorship must be cited
  • Authorship of the Port Authority of Barcelona must be cited (as indicated further on).

Recognition of the source and mention of the authorship of the dataset as Port Authority of Barcelona shall be made in the following way:

Data source: Barcelona Port Authority

All modifications and changes carried out to datasets published by the Port Authority of Barcelona shall be identified as such at time of their distribution.

It is the responsibility of the user to inform the Port Authority of Barcelona of all related projects or activities derived from the use of datasets, that they might be publically known with the aim of encouraging policies of public sector data reuse.

As such, the Port Authority of Barcelona shall be able to request statistical data from the user related to the products or services created using the reused information, the aim being to establish how information is being reused in order to improve the catalogue of available data.

Guarantee and responsibility regarding datasets

The Port Authority of Barcelona provides available datasets exactly as stated in their archives and cannot provide any guarantee that they are up to date, nor regarding their integrity, accuracy or continued access to them.

The Port Authority of Barcelona, can, at any time, add, delete or change the datasets published or their conditions of use. Notification of changes shall be published in its Opendata web section. Any changes carried out shall be in force from the moment of publication, unless otherwise stated.

Neither the Port Authority of Barcelona nor any of its organisations, bodies or agents is responsible for damage or loss, either direct or indirect, including those which may incur economic or material damage, or damage to data, which may occur as a result of use of the datasets.

User or reuse agent liability

The user is subject to Law 37/2007, of 16th November, and in particular to its penalty structure, on the reuse of public sector information, as well as all regulation affecting information use, such as personal data protection Organic Law 15/1999, and the consolidated text on intellectual property law Royal Decree 1/1996, of 12th Abril.

If the Port Authority of Barcelona should be the object of legal action or economic sanctions as a result of noncompliance with the terms of this document or the terms of the licence under which the data is published, then the user shall be answerable to the Port Authority of Barcelona, its organisations, bodies, companies or agents, for all costs, including legal, and penalties and compensations that may result, without injury to them.

In this way the user agrees to compensate and exempt the Port Authority of Barcelona, its organisations, bodies, companies and agents, from any responsibility that may occur as a result of claims due to non-fulfilment of these conditions of use, or due to the reproduction, change or distribution of the information.

The Port Authority of Barcelona, for its part, reserves the right to take the necessary legal measures to protect its own interests, without denying the responsibility of and compensation by the user.

Other legal restrictions

It is prohibited to reuse data for illegal purposes or infringe the rights of people, bodies or the public administration. 

The Barcelona Port Authority has the right to deny or suspend access to data without prior notification, according to its own judgement, when it considers that these terms of use or current legislation have been breached or that datasets are being used, reproduced, modified or distributed in a damaging or improper way.

This denial or suspension of use shall not apply to people or bodies that may have received datasets in good faith, via a person or body that is the object of cancellation, installation or suspension or who otherwise conforms to these conditions of use.

The user shall not indicate, insinuate or imply through any means, the participation or support of the Barcelona Port Authority, its organisations, bodies, companies or agents, in any of the activity in which the information or datasets is used to the end user.

For any questions or comments on these conditions, please contact