The Port of Barcelona ZAL will have the largest rooftop photovoltaic plant in Europe
The ZAL Port, the Port of Barcelona's intermodal logistics platform, will boast the largest rooftop photovoltaic plant in Europe. Cilsa, the company that manages the ZAL Port, has designed an ambitious project to install photovoltaic panels on most of its current warehouses. The project will be rolled out in phases up to 2026 and is part of a plan to protect the environment and improve efficiency in the use of natural resources. The first step towards building this large rooftop photovoltaic plant was taken this week with the installation of the very first solar panels on the warehouse occupied by Decathlon.
Novarium and the Port of Barcelona partner to build a vision for the blue economy

The Port of Barcelona and Novarium, the Quebec-based innovation hub dedicated to the blue economy, signed a collaboration agreement at Smart Ports: Piers of the Future 2023. Along with strengthening the relationship between Quebec and Barcelona, this partnership will provide startups supported by Novarium with access to the Port of Barcelona's Blue Sandbox. In addition, the relationship has been structured to serve as a catalyst for non-dilutive investment funding from Spain's Ports 4.0 Fund, the largest capital pool in Europe dedicated to port-based open innovation challenges.

The first direct freight rail connection with France comes into operation at the Port of Barcelona

The new connection is truly direct, since it will be the first rail service from Spain to France that will not have to transship or change locomotives after crossing the Perthus tunnel. This historic milestone was made possible thanks to the unique situation of the Port of Barcelona - the only port in Spain with a European UIC gauge connection from the terminal to the border with France. The service will be operated by Captrain's Stadler Euro6000 locomotives, type-approved to operate in both countries.