The Port of Barcelona and VINCI Energies Spain start building the pilot project to provide electrical power to ships in the Barcelona Ferry Terminal
The Port of Barcelona and VINCI Energies Spain have started work on the construction project of the pilot project to provide electrical power to ships at the Barcelona Ferry Terminal. The Port of Barcelona has awarded the pilot project to the Joint venture Omexom Puerto de Barcelona, companies from VINCI Energies, the global leader for digital and energy transition solutions. The project is part of the first phase of the Nexigen Wharf Electrification. The tender includes the drafting and performance of the project, and the connection and disconnection service of the vessels and the maintenance of the facility.
The Port of Barcelona launches the tender for the connection between the Energy and Adossat wharves

The Port of Barcelona's Board of Directors today approved the start of the procedure for building a battery of seven underground conduits that will connect the Energy and Adossat wharves. These works are complex, since the conduits will cross the 700-metre-long navigation channel, passing at a depth of 32 metres below sea level. This work is necessary to carry basic services to the Adossat wharf, which is currently being enlarged, and to install the medium-voltage network that will transport the electric current to the ships, as specified by the Nexigen dock electrification project.

The Port of Barcelona sets up the Cruise Sustainability Council

This new instrument provides continuity to the agreement signed between the Port and Barcelona City Council in 2018 which reduces the number of cruise terminals to seven. Implementing this agreement from 2018 involves around ten years' work and therefore will not end until 2027, with the closure of the cruise terminal located on Barcelona Sud wharf. This agreement involves an investment of €265 million in public and private investment (adaptation of the Adossat wharf, building the new terminals, removing the old ones, and so on), and incorporates improvements in cruise activity at the Port of Barcelona, facilitating the increase in homeport operations.