The first ship affected by the blockage in the Suez Canal to arrive in Barcelona is operating normally

The MSC Ambra container ship, the first affected by the blockage of the Suez Canal to reach the Port of Barcelona, docked tonight at the BEST terminal and is operating normally. This vessel will move 9,000 containers, including imports, exports and transshipments. In the coming days, we are expecting staggered arrivals of other container vessels that had to stop at the Canal for days while it was blocked and which have therefore delayed their call at the Port.

The new Economic Impact Study of the Port of Barcelona will measure the added value of digitalisation

The Port of Barcelona has begun the process of collecting data for the new Economic Impact Study of commercial and digital activity. The study aims to assess the Port's commercial dimension and especially to learn what added value it generates in the economy of its hinterland, as well as collecting data from other indicators to further assess the scope of its environmental and social impact. This study is a follow-up to other previous ones, such as the Economic Impact Study completed in 2010.

The Port of Barcelona and its terminals are working together to pave the way to the energy transition

The Port of Barcelona and the terminals operating in its facilities have already begun to take decisive steps towards the energy transition, a strategy in which the Port and the Port Community work together hand in hand. During 2020, the 14 terminals of the Port of Barcelona that are eligible for environmental discounts invested upwards of €1.7 million in projects aimed at decarbonising port operations, reducing emissions, generating renewable energy and starting energy transformation.