When the Certification Agreement [1] has been signed, the Technical Monitoring Team will carry out the relevant checks during a period of one month to assess how well you have fulfilled the obligations set out in the Agreement. These checks will be carried out by Barcelona Port Authority. During the process, no comments will be made nor changes to operating processes. By signing the Agreement, you consent to these checks.

At the end of the one-month period, you will be sent a report of the findings. If the report is positive and the requisite quality standards have been met, the certification will be authorised.

If the report is negative, you will be informed which aspects need to be improved in order to obtain certification. You will then be free to decide whether to take remedial action or to halt the certification process.


[1] Note: When the Certification Agreement is signed, each company must supply the requisite information and documentation to the Quality Label management team. The information will be used to charge for the subscription costs pertaining the Schedule of obligations. The annual subscription charge will be applied only once your company has successfully passed the initial evaluation.